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Welcome to EV Joy Journal

  When in the spring of this year pandemic necessitated lock downs spread worldwide, regular industrial and business activity was shut down, and people were told to stay home, this took millions of vehicles off the roads in major population centers throughout the world. Within weeks satellite images and on the ground photographs began to reveal an unanticipated consequence of this lack of vehicular traffic - the air over chronically smoggy cities cleaned dramatically. These images circulated quickly and widely on social media, leaving a deep impression on millions of people from all walks of life and many who have a great interest in the future of our one and only planet. And the question on the minds of almost all who took notice? What if we could keep our air so clean? Of course we cannot keep vehicles off the road indefinitely, and already much regular commuting traffic is returning. But what helped clear the air when it stopped? It was the lack of exhaust fumes from traditional i